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Yachts For Sale

Why Not Buy A Boat and Make it Pay?

We have several yachts in our Charter Fleet that are FOR SALE. These yachts are proven revenue earners and we would welcome them back into the Fleet. They have been professionally maintained throughout their life in the Fleet. Everything that needs to be done, has been done. They're fully equipped and ready to start working. Also, if you are interested in purchasing one of these boats and sailing away, that is just fine too.

Owning a Charter Yacht makes sense. Typical boat owners only use their boat, on average, 38 days per year. They are busy earning money in their own businesses and don't have the time or the necessary skills to maintain their yacht. Also, they want to subsidize the cost of owning a boat. Eventually, they hope to retire and either use their boat or trade up to the ideal retirement yacht. If this sounds like you, then Charter Yacht Ownership is for you.

No boats in our fleet are currently for sale