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Customer Appreciation Program

As a way to say thank you to all our loyal customers, we have developed a Customer Appreciation Program. Earn discounts off future charters just by sailing with us!

How Does it Work?

For every $1000 spent on Charter Fees, before taxes and insurance, you will receive a 1% discount, to a maximum of 10%, that can be used towards your next charter.

So if, for example, you charter one of our yachts for $4000, you would receive 4% off your next charter.

When Do I Start to Earn Discounts?

We started our program with 2009 Charters. We set up a database with all our Charterers and they have 2 Charter Seasons to take advantage of their earned discount. Any unused discounts will expire at the end of the second year. So, for example, we have set up a database with our 2011 Charterers and they have until the end of the 2013 Season to use their earned discount. Contact us anytime to see what your savings might be!

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  • Only Head Charterers will be credited with Discounts
  • Only Head Charterers can receive Discounts
  • Discounts are not transferable
  • No cash value is attached to a Discount
  • Discounts can only be used once - on a single charter boat
  • Discounts are valid up to 2 years from the last charter