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Guarantee & Policies

Our Guarantee

We maintain our yachts to the highest standards and we back that up with a guarantee. In the unlikely event you should lose more than 5 hours sailing time due to failure of our equipment, it will be made up to you, either in additional sailing time or in monetary credit towards future charters. This guarantee is a clear statement of our willingness to stand behind our commitment to you.

Subject to certain restrictions.

Desolation Sound Yacht Charters Ltd. guarantees that if you have a breakdown during your charter, we will complete repairs within five (5) hours of notification, or you will be compensated for your vacation time lost.

What is covered:

The following equipment is considered essential to the operation of the yacht and is covered under our guarantee: engine, transmission, sails, standing and running rigging, battery and alternator.

What we will do:

If you should encounter a breakdown of any of the above-mentioned equipment, we will correct the problem within 5 working hours of receiving your call. If we fail to correct the problem within that 5 hours, you will receive compensatory sailing time at the end of your scheduled charter (if available), or a sailing credit toward your next charter. Compensation will be based on actual time lost less the 5-hour grace period. The credit value per charter hour will be based on a 12-hour working charter day (7AM to 7PM), the number of days of charter and the charter fee paid.

What we ask you to do:

To receive guaranteed service on your charter, you must contact the base at the time of breakdown, problem or dissatisfaction. All situation details must be presented by the head charterer at the end of the charter, and agreed upon by Desolation Sound Yacht Charters Ltd. at that time.

What this guarantee does not cover:

All other breakdowns will be serviced, but compensation will not be provided if repairs take more than the aforementioned 5 hours. Exclusions to the compensated guarantee are as follows: VHF, refrigeration, hot water system, stereo/CD/MP3 player, dinghy, outboard, knot meter, depth sounder, and other items which do not render the yacht inoperable. Also excluded from the 5 hour compensated guarantee are breakdowns which occur outside the defined Desolation Sound-Comox area and problems resulting from negligent operation by the charterer or his/her guests.

If you encounter any difficulties at all during your charter, please do not hesitate to call us with any of your concerns. Desolation Sound Yacht Charters Ltd. has a dedicated staff willing to offer whatever assistance they can to ensure that your vacation is the very best it can be.

Charter Policies

Sorry ~ No Pets Please, No Exceptions

'No Tow' Policy

Desolation Sound Yacht Charters has a 'no tow' policy (except for the boat's own dinghy). Our boats, particularly our power boats, are not set up for towing larger dinghies. To avoid disappointment, all personal dinghies/boats must be pre-approved. We need a picture, dimensions & weight. If it is not pre-approved in writing ~ you will not be allowed to tow it.

Cancellation Policy

An administration fee of $300.00 (plus applicable taxes) per booking will apply on cancellations received more than 90 (91+) days prior to departure and the balance of the deposit refunded. If cancelled between 60 and 90 days prior, a charge of 25% of the total fee will apply. If cancelled less than 60 (59-) days prior, a charge of 100% will apply.

When changes are made to an existing charter agreement, it may be deemed necessary to apply a change fee in order to offset costs incurred in implementing the change. Any changes in the type of yacht or date changes will be deemed a cancellation and will incur any penalties mentioned under the Cancellation Policy section of this document.